Tuesday, February 20, 2007

One mitten, minus a thumb.

Hi gang! I've just started my first pair of these adorable mittens and I'm loving them. I am a photographer who shoots outdoors quite often. Every pair of mittens or gloves or combo of the two that I have tried are either too bulky, too difficult to manage, or plainly do not keep my fingers warm. That's why I was so excited to stumble over this pattern. I did have to make some adjustments, though. My hands are quite small, so I ended up knitting with size 5 DPNs using Noro Kureyon in blues/grays. Since this gauge made them much narrower than the pattern, I also had to add about 8 rows of stockinette to the mitten top above the finger opening in order to make them proportionate. I only have to finish the thumb and I'll be finished with mitten number 1 of the pair.

The only snag I have hit was something that has already been discussed here - the unsightly hole left in the corner of the finger opening where the stitches were cast back on for the top of the opening. Not sure how to keep this snug enough not to create that hole while keeping it loose enough to knit easily. For mitten number 1 I simply sewed the hole with waste yarn. Maybe I'll sprout a better method when I get to #2. It might help to know which CO method others are using to put those stitches back on. Anyone? Bueller?


Cathy said...

Hi there,

My answer to the "hole" problem is to pick up 6 stitches instead of 4 when starting the thumb and then on the 2nd or 3rd row I knit two together twice to bring the count back to the correct number. No holes when you are done! :) Can't wait to see your mittens :)

Megan said...

Great tip Cathy! I think the presence of a hole (and its unsightlyness!) are in part dictated by the yarn you use - a thinner yarn is more likely to produce a noticeable hole. Another tip that works for me is to knit the first round through the back of the CO stitches. This twists the stitches and makes them tighter.

normanack said...

From reading around it seems like holes between the cast-on stitches and the original thumb stitches (from the stitch holder) are par for the course.

I'm going to try cathy and megan's solutions on my next pair -- thanks!