Thursday, February 22, 2007

Mitten progress

I decided to knit my peekaboos with purple Lamb's Pride worsted---thought I'd stick to the suggested yarn since these are my first mittens. I have almost finished the first one--just need to kitchener the top and add a thumb! The Technocat is inspecting the quality of my knitting so far....

This has been a great learning process for me.....Started out on dpn's, but the cuff didn't look tidy enough, so started over on two circs, which is working out great! That casting on stitches in the middle of rows led to a few frogging incidents, but I think I 've finally got it. Now, the only thing I'm still a little puzzled about is how exactly to get that thumb gusset back and arranged on the needles......hmmmm. Maybe I'll use a tiny little lifeline in the thumb stitches on the stitch holder before I go ahead. I'd hate to get this far and get into a mess.....I'm not very good at frogging to get back to the original stitches without losing my way somehow. Wish me luck on the thumb!



Megan said...

Getting the thumb stitches going can be a little tricky, but it's even trickier to explain! What I like to do is just get the thumb stitches on dpns, and then make sure that any "natural" gaps (such as the transition between thumb and hand stitches) do NOT fall between needles. I also will arrange stitches one the needles so that the CO stitches are bracketed on each side by existing stitches, just to keep the CO stitches under control. That, along with some other tips for minimizing gaps already posted by other KAL-ers should result in the best thumb possible.

knottykitty said...

Thanks for the pointers! :)