Monday, April 23, 2007


I finally finished my Peekaboo mittens!

Unfortunately, the first mitten I made had some flaws with regards to shortness in length and my starting the cuff too early, so I had to--STAT! CODE BLUE!--perform emergency surgery to remedy the mistake.

Step 1--Utilize a quick suture to prevent further complications:

Step 2--Pass the Scapel, Nurse. Time to make the incision:

Step 3--Post-Surgery Recuperative Time:

Step 4--Take Post-Operative Photos of Yummilicious Peekaboo Mittens (Finished just in time for late -night, oddly-cold bike riding excursions):

Step 5--Peek the fingers out of said Peekaboo Mittens (I even painted my nails for you, dear reader! But just this one hand! ; >) --
Step 6--Squeal like a little piggy with joy: "Squee! I've got me some pretty Peekaboos!"

Step 7--Come visit me at my blog, HollYarns, and help out some shelter doggies and kitties via Cyrano's Creature Comforts Drive!

Friday, April 6, 2007

Finished Peekaboos

Here's my finished pair in my favorite color! They were finished quite a while ago, but I got lazy about the finishing work. Probably will make a pair for hubby in a guy-like color next fall--he seems to like them!