Thursday, February 22, 2007

I'm in!

Time for some ME-knitting! Finally finished the third multi-directional scarf last night. Started to knit a kid's sweater for Afghans for Afghans, but decided I needed a break from knitting for others.

I've cast on for the Peekaboo Mittens and am using Koigu KPPPM from my Sockret Pal in the colorway P137.

I originally cast on 48 stitches using a size #3 needle and did the cuff in k2,p2 ribbing for 1.5 inches and then switched to stockinette. I found that that many stitches on a size #3 needle in Koigu KPPPM was way too loose so I had to frog it back and reconsider. I have now used size #3 needles to do the cast on of 40 stitches. After joining in the round on size #3 needles, I have switched to size #2 needles for the k2, p2 ribbing pattern. I am planning to switch back up to size #3 for the rest of the mitten when I am finished with the K2, P2 ribbing; that is, for the stockinette part of the pattern.

Although, the pattern calls for size #4 needles, I have switched down to size #2 & #3 needles to accommodate for using a different yarn and for my smaller hands. In swatching (by gods, I actually swatched!) I found that on size #3 needles I get a 3 inch by 3 inch gauge swatch instead of the pattern's 4 inch by 4 inch swatch. My hand's circumference at their biggest point around the fingers (not counting the thumb) is 6 inches, while my wrist circumference is a little less than 5 inches. The pattern lists the finished circumference as 8 inches (but I am not sure whether that includes the thumb?)--so, here's to (hopefully) good luck accompanied by great hope that they'll work. {Note to self: I'll have to gradually add in 8 stitches--in sets of twos--before I reach the stockinette}

I am thinking that this colorway of KPPPM--that I am using for my Peekaboo mittens--will go great with a scarf made out of this yarn (that B. gave to me):

Holly of HollYarns

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