Monday, April 23, 2007


I finally finished my Peekaboo mittens!

Unfortunately, the first mitten I made had some flaws with regards to shortness in length and my starting the cuff too early, so I had to--STAT! CODE BLUE!--perform emergency surgery to remedy the mistake.

Step 1--Utilize a quick suture to prevent further complications:

Step 2--Pass the Scapel, Nurse. Time to make the incision:

Step 3--Post-Surgery Recuperative Time:

Step 4--Take Post-Operative Photos of Yummilicious Peekaboo Mittens (Finished just in time for late -night, oddly-cold bike riding excursions):

Step 5--Peek the fingers out of said Peekaboo Mittens (I even painted my nails for you, dear reader! But just this one hand! ; >) --
Step 6--Squeal like a little piggy with joy: "Squee! I've got me some pretty Peekaboos!"

Step 7--Come visit me at my blog, HollYarns, and help out some shelter doggies and kitties via Cyrano's Creature Comforts Drive!


Lauren said...

I am laughing at your clock pic, and sooo impressed that you were able to doctor-up and fix those mitts!

JL said...

clever ! and nice colour too.