Saturday, March 17, 2007

~and yet another pair.....~

Here are the next pair of peekaboo mittens, finished for my co-softball coach. We will have warm hands this season! I hope she likes them and that they fit.

I used hand dyed (not by me) wool for these and although I love the colors and the way the yarn knit up, I was truly annoyed that the dye came off on my hands and wooden dpn's. The colors are so dark, that it was truly difficult to clean my hands up after knitting on these. Anyone have suggestions for the needles, or are they destined to look like "crap" forever now? I really don't want to sand the finish off of them and I am very apprehensive about using a damp cloth on them (not that I think it would work anyway). Suggestion are welcome from any of you who have run into the same problem.


jody said...

Hi there! I read on another blog awhile back that soem folks had tried Murphy's Oil Soap which is safe for wood and also the Mr. Clean Eraser pad thing -hope either of those help! (any other suggestions I've read all involve re-waxing the needles when finished so if you want more labor intensive, I guess you could clean them w/ just about anything and then re-wax them, just fyi)

Cathy said...

Thanks Jody, I appreciate your suggestions more than I can say. :)